Aircon Cleaning Services

Aircon General Servicing is a basic cleaning and maintenance, regular check-up for air conditioners. Getting regular aircon general servicing will prolong the lifespan of your AC and will address issues earlier. 

It’s high time that you opt for regular aircon servicing about 3 months to ensure optimal performance of your AC unit. Most homes and offices in Singapore rely on air conditioners to provide a more conducive environment. However, aircon owners often overlook the fact that their aircon units still need regular aircon servicing in order to function efficiently, despite several myths about normal aircon servicing that you might have heard about. You might be tempted to conduct your own aircon maintenance, but it is better to work with a reputable and trusted aircon servicing company like Jing Yit Service PTE LTD Singapore to ensure proper and quality services.

Our Cleaning Step

  • Test Aircon Condition
  • Clean Cover
  • Clean Filter
  • Clean Water Tray
  • Dismantle & Clean Blower (If Applicable)
  • Vacuum Drain Pipe
  • Test Drainer System
  • Check Controller Settings
Our General Service

Ad-Hoc &
Quarterly Contract Pricing

NO. of Aircon Units

1 time service

quarterly (4x)

1 Unit



2 Units



3 Units



4 Units



5 Units



6 Units



7 Units



8 Units



9 Units



10 Units