Aircon Chemical Wash

What is aircon chemical cleaning?

In simple terms, it uses a specially formulated detergent to clean your air conditioner and kill 99.9% of bacteria completely.

You can choose Non-Dismantle chemical cleaning or Full-Dismantle chemical cleaning.

Aircon Chemical Wash is a more thorough process in servicing an aircon unit. It removes the bad clogged parts, blockages, and overall unit by using chemicals. It helps increase your aircon lifespan, and you could sense the fresh air after doing the service. Chemical wash is a clean cooling coil and air filter unit and these parts are soaked into the chemical solution. It performs the removal of removing dirt, dust, Blockage, algae, Foul smell, Bacteria, etc. After clean will produce fresh, clean air without any troubles.

Like any electronic home appliance, having regular aircon servicing can help prevent your air conditioner from experiencing any problem while maintaining its performance. However, in the event that normal aircon servicing is not sufficient, consider chemical cleaning your aircon conditioner. There are 2 types of chemical cleaning - Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Overhaul. 

Compared to an aircon chemical wash, most experts recommend doing an aircon chemical overhaul because it cleans your aircon unit more thoroughly as the aircon unit will be dismantled during the process. Furthermore, aircon parts will be checked and if they are defective, they will be repaired or replaced by the technician – one of the benefits of getting an Chemical Overhaul. By undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul, you can prevent future aircon problems such as aircon water leaking and noisy aircon. 

Our Cleaning Step

  • Test Aircon Condition
  • Clean Cover
  • Clean Filter
  • Clean Water Tray
  • Dismantle & Clean Blower (If Applicable)
  • Chemical Coil (Without Dismantle Coil)
  • Vacuum Drain Pipe
  • Test Drainer System
  • Check Controller Settings